Real Estate Developer James P. Stuckey Brings Rejuvenation and Growth to New York City

James P. Stuckey has initiated and managed scores of real estate projects in New York City and its surrounding boroughs. With over 30 years in the business and numerous commercial, industrial, and residential developments behind him, James P. Stuckey is considered one of the foremost experts in the field. He has served as the Divisional Dean and Clinical Professor of New York University’s Schack Institute of Real Estate and spoken at Harvard, Columbia, St. John’s and numerous other Universities. James P. Stuckey has played a pivotal role in the redevelopment and rejuvenation of New York City since the early 1980’s.

One project that James P. Stuckey recalls fondly is working with Russian Pres. Boris Yeltsin and his vice president Alexandr Rutskoi in the development of the acclaimed Russian Trade and Cultural Center. The facility was located in the World Trade Center and played an important role in helping to teach second and third-generation Russian immigrants about their heritage, says James P. Stuckey.

After the September 11 attacks, James P. Stuckey played a major role in the city’s rebuilding.

Just two months after the tragedy, James P. Stuckey initiated and oversaw construction of a 675,000 square foot Class A office building, which would house displaced tenants of the World Trade Center Towers. Historically, 15 MetroTech Center South is important because it was the first project of its kind to be completed in the United States in a post September 11 world, says James P. Stuckey. The development was important to New York City – James P. Stuckey’s own hometown – because by rebuilding, New York and the United States as a whole were able to show these perpetrators that cowards could not dampen the American spirit.

Perhaps one of the most notable development projects to which James P. Stuckey’s name has become attached is Atlantic Yards. According to James P. Stuckey, Atlantic Yards will combine affordable homes, public open space, and ample retail space to support its new arena, named the Barclays Center. The area will cater to working class families and will eventually house the current New Jersey Nets professional basketball team, notes James P. Stuckey. The Barclays Center will focus extensively on the community, says James P. Stuckey. Additionally, James P. Stuckey notes that the entire Atlantic Yards project has provided jobs to numerous construction professionals in Brooklyn. The addition of retail and office space will create permanent positions for New York City residents, says James P. Stuckey, adding that Frank Gehry designed Atlantic Yards master plan.

James P. Stuckey notes that his business can be fun too; Stuckey had the opportunity to negotiate for Disney to restore the New Amsterdam Theater, which hosts numerous popular musicals, including Mary Poppins. The AMC 25 Screen Megaplex at Times Square and the 15 Screen Loews Regal Cinemas at the World Financial Center are additional attractions spearheaded by James P. Stuckey that positively affect New York City’s economy.

Throughout the billions of dollars worth of projects that James P. Stuckey has completed during his career, he says the ones that bring rejuvenation and growth to the city he calls home remain forever in his heart.

James P. Stuckey’s resume is a broad portfolio of both private and public sector real estate development experience. He is married with three children.

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